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Morel Pasta with Port Wine Cream SauceAaron Teitelbaum from Herbie's

Morel Pasta With Port Wine Cream Sauce
Posted: 02/6/2013


Makes 6 appetizers

1 # Linguini – cooked in salt water
1 # Morel Mushrooms
Shaved Gruyere Cheese
Salt & Pepper
Fresh Tarragon

Port Cream:
750 ml Port Wine
2 quarts Heavy Whipping Cream
5 ea shallots chopped
3 ea cloves garlic chopped
½ C corn starch
½ C water
t.t. Salt & Pepper



1. Cut mushrooms in 1/2
2. Soak mushrooms in salted water by submerging 2 to 3 times in fresh water
3. Saute in butter and season with Salt & Pepper

Port Cream:
1. reduce port wine with shallots and garlic down by 2/3
2. add heavy whipping cream and bring to boil
3. thicken with corn starch and water slurry
4. season with Salt & Pepper

To Serve:

Toss Linguini with Port Wine Sauce, add sautéed morels on top of pasta and garnish with gruyere cheese and fresh tarragon

Cook Time: