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Pork TenderloinBob Menendez from Sunset 44 Bistro

Pork Tenderloin
Posted: 11/1/2012


You will need tenderloin of pork and the following ingredients for this recipe.
2 1/2 cups corn oil
2 1/2 cups soy sauce
½ gallon burgundy
1 oz garlic powder
1 oz ground oregano

Mix all ingredients but oil together, and then gradually whip in oil to help mixture emulsify.

Marinade meat for 10 minutes and then season by hand (salt, pepper and garlic powder).  Cook pork in the style that you prefer.

Sunset 44 Bistro


Cranberry Ginger Chutney:

3 pounds cranberries
2 pounds brown sugar
¾ pound dried currants
¾ pound dried apricots (quarter these)
1 ¾ teaspoon cinnamon
1/3 teaspoon cayenne pepper
½ quart cranberry juice
¾ oz. ginger (peeled and minced)

Combine all ingredients in heavy saucepan.  Cook over medium heat, stirring to dissolve sugar.  Increase heat to high and boil for 10 minutes.  Transfer to a bowl.  Cool.   
Can be done in advance and stored in airtight container and refrigerate.

Take the Cranberry Ginger Chutney and place it on the bottom of the plate. Then take the cooked tenderloin, slice it into medallions and decoratively place them on top of the Chutney.

Cook Time: